Hawke Optics

I just received my second rifle scope from Hawke Sport Optics. Let’s start with the customer service: I ordered my scope on Monday and received it two days later. This was during a very busy time since it was the week of Shot Show in Las Vegas. The person I talked to was very helpful  and when I received the scope and rings, everything fit and worked as promised.

The quality of the optics is really nice. The clarity is exactly what I expect out of a high quality rifle scope. When I went to site it in, it was one of the easiest scopes to site in I have ever owned. When I adjusted the dials it did what it was supposed to do. I am very impressed and I will not use anything but Hawke Sport Optics ever again. Thanks for the great quality and the excellent customer service. In this day and age it is very hard find both!

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Jeremy Lawson
Focus Outdoors Pro-Staff Member