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I have been training dogs for over thirty years. In that time I have used just about every major collar brand out there but one. This year I vowed to try SportDOG. Mark Fouts from the Ruffed Grouse Society was a good reference for SportDOG, he had been using them for a long time and thought highly of the company. Mark thought I should start with the SportHunter 1225 for the kennel and the SportHunter1875 for the grouse woods.

We shipped those models in and here is my assessment of these two models. We train just about everyday at the kennel, so the collars were put through the mill. The 1225 was used on many different dogs in the uplands and for water work. The SportHunter 1225 was durable and very concise with the stimulation level in and out of the water. Also the 1225 has a lot of super adaptability with it’s stimulation levels. The 1225 and 1875 both have a base level of stimulation: Low, Medium, and High. On the transmitter you have dial control 1 through 8 levels of stimulation, you can fine tune the stimulation level for each dog.The ability to adapt is huge, every dog is different.

On both transmitters I liked the fact that they were put together the same. If you train as much as we do, you get to know a piece of equipment. After awhile you do not even have to look to find the buttons on the transmitter, you know by touch. This gives you the advantage of quick clean corrections, training is all about timing. The collars have been put together with the trainer and hunter in mind.

As we headed through the training season into fall I started to play with the SportHunter 1875 more. Love the beeper on the 1875, it is super adaptable. One feature I fell in love with is the locate button. Lets say you’re hunting late season pheasants in thick cover. You do not want to put the collar’s beeper on run mode, but you need to locate the dog quickly, hit the button and one beep, there is the dog. It is awesome! Those are the kind of features that make these collars a treat to train and hunt with. These two collars caused us zero problems. The SportHunter 1225 and 1875 have all the features and adaptability you need to work with just about any kind of dog. We are glad we tried them you will be two!

1875 Transmitter1875 System

1225 System
1875 Transmitter                    1875 System                           1225 System

Rosie wearing 1875Rosie wearing 1875 Beeper
Rosie wearing 1875





Rosie wearing 1875 Beeper


Thomas K. Poorker
Focus Outdoors TV Founder
Owner Midwest Gundog Kennels