Boat Show

I recently attended the Minneapolis Boat Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is one of the biggest shows in the country. If you love summer and being on the water this show is for you. I was focused on the fishing end of things. That is my passion and also my job for Focus Outdoors TV.

As I was going through the rows of toys and boats, I came across a Warrior Boat. I have a fondness for these boats and the people that build them. My feelings are from the time I have spent in these boats and with the folks that build them. Warrior Boats are made in my home state of Minnesota, which means a lot to me! As I was looking at the rig they had at the show Kent Anderson showed up. Kent is one of the key players at Warrior. It gave me a great opportunity to ask Kent what was new for 2016.

Kent was very excited about the V208 boat. This boat sounds awesome; it will have a 99 inch beam and will be 20’4” long, a real big water tamer. The interior sounds super comfortable as well. It will have set back consoles, jump seats, etc. If you are familiar with Warrior you know that they are one of the most fishable boats on the market. A couple other items that Kent brought up was also are very interesting. Warrior will factory rig your boat to your specs. They work with all the brand names.

I have fished with Kent and his dad Dave Anderson and found them to be down to earth and good people. But even more important for the potential buyer is that they are hard core fisherman. They have skills that are good enough to participate in the tournament fishing world. Who better to build your dream fishing boat than people who spend thousands of hours in them? Interested in becoming part of the Warrior Boat family? Contact Kent or Dave Anderson at
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