Minneapolis Boat Show

I had the opportunity to spend a cold winters day attending the Boat Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is a great way to dream about the upcoming spring. This is one of the biggest boat shows in the country. There is a reason for this, they have a great deal of variety at the show.

As I walked around I came across an awesome display of antique boats. It was very interesting to see the craftsmanship in these old wooden boats, artwork really. There were also a wide choice of pontoons; which in the last 10 years have become more popular then I would have imagined in my wildest dreams. Also there were boats that you could use for hunting ducks and catching fish. You could find any kind of boat you wanted and any kind of accessories you may need to enjoy your boat. There were docks that looked more like home decks. What better way to enjoy a summer day then sitting on your dock enjoying a cold one! So if you have a boat show in your state, go and enjoy. It will help you have fun thoughts of the upcoming summer.

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Thomas K. Poorker
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