As I was cruising around the Boat Show, I came across the must unique looking boat motor on the market today in my opinion. The motor is the Evinrude E-TEC G2; it is a modern marvel! As I was staring at one of the demos on the floor a nice guy from Evinrude came over to ask if I had any questions, boy did I. Kevin Kerkvliet is the man’s name and he is a wealth of information. Kevin told me when they started designing the motor they broke everything down and decided to start from ground zero and make a complete new engine.

I will hit the highlights that caught my interest. The E-TEC has more horse power then any other outboard of same of same rating. The G2 has a ton of torque while expelling low emissions. With an engine so powerful you would think fuel economy would stink, not the case with the G2. It gets top marks for fuel economy. Being a guy that is not very handy with mechanical things of any kind, I was extremely excited about the G2, it is a motor that needs the least amount of maintenance of any outboard motor on the market today. It is fun to have the power and big torque, and lets be honest with ourselves, we like to look good on the water as well. Thus, the unique looks and quick adaptability of the cowl are awesome! You can match any color of boat made without custom paint jobs. When you have rough water you need a boat that handles with ease. So what does Evinrude do? They came out with power steering for outboards. If you think this is all talk, you are wrong. Evinrude will back up their motors with the 5 year or 500 hour warranty. On top of that warranty now until March 31st you can negotiate on the warranty or financing or free rigging, they are trying to give you options. Check their website or with your dealer for more info. I would like to thank Kevin Kerkvliet for all the interesting information. It really is a new era in outboards.

















Thomas K. Poorker
Focus Outdoors TV Founder
Owner Midwest Gundog Kennels