Rio Shot Shells

It is time to clean up after a long and enjoyable hunting season. I start with my late season vest. As I was going through the pockets, I found the normal stuff: shells, dog leads, first aid kit, extra e-collar, etc. When I got to my game pouch I had to smile. There were a lot of yellow hulls, all empty. The pile of bright hulls brought back many good memories. The dogs the birds and the awesome sights and sounds of the north woods came flooding back to me. As I was thinking about  all the good times, a thought came to me, one of the reasons we can have a good time is that we pick quality equipment.

As I was staring down at the pile of Rio shot shells it occurred to me that shells are one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment we use. And I do consider them one of the most important. We need to match the loads to the game we are hunting. We need to know where we are hunting. Does it require non toxic shot or can you use lead? Also we need to match the loads to the people using it. Too big a load and you could cause flinching problems.

For me, I like Rio shot shells. Rio gives me the versatility to hunt any game with any gun that I chose to use. I can count on the Rios to perform the way I want, they are very consistent. Here is a added bonus to using Rio shells. Rios are the cleanest shells I have ever used! Less cleaning time makes this hunter very happy! I have hunted many kinds of birds with Rios, from woodcock to geese, Rios have never let me down. Check Rios out, I think you will be happy. I know I am!








Thomas K. Poorker
Focus Outdoors TV Founder
Owner Midwest Gundog Kennels