Upcoming Programs

Minnesota Ruffed Grouse Hunt- ruffed grouse hunting in North Central Minnesota with Steve Grossman of the Little Moran Hunt Club.

Minnesota Canada Goose Hunt- our guide doesn’t call geese, he talks to them. Also, a visit with Don Schultz, the Area Supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

North Dakota Snow Goose Hunt- a spring snow goose hunt in North Dakota with Scott Butz of the Reel Wing Decoy Company.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunt- a pheasant hunt in South Dakota at Pheasant Haven- a preserve with a lot to offer.

Snow Goose Hunting Tips & Techniques- a snow goose hunt emphasizing tips, techniques, and strategies to improve your snow goose hunting success.

Lake of the Woods Walleye Fishing- Ice fishing for walleyes and sauger on Lake of the Woods at Arneson’s Rock Point Resort.

Minnesota Ruffed Grouse Hunt- a ruffed grouse hunt inMinnesota and a visit with Mark Fouts, Senior Regional Vice President of the Ruffed Grouse Society.

North Dakota Snow Goose Hunt- the snow goose hunt our Host, Steve Hammer missed due to reasons beyond his control (and what a hunt it was) in North Dakota.

Montana Sage Grouse- a sage grouse hunt in Montana with retired biologist John Wiegand.

Early Season Canada Goose Hunt- an early season canada goose hunt with Cory Loeffler, Champion caller of DRC Company.

Kansas Quail and Pheasant Hunt- quail and pheasant hunting fromKansas with Jason Johnson of Quail and Pheasant Restoration Technologies.

Kansas Pheasant Hunt- pheasant hunting inKansas with Quail and Pheasant Restoration Technologies. Learn how to improve game bird populations on your property.

South Dakota Canada Goose Hunt- an early season canada goose hunt in Northeastern South Dakota with Josh Stickland and Jared Kriz of Waterfowl Mafia.