Focus Outdoors successfully strikes the elusive balance in outdoor communications of entertaining and educating at the same time, all the while portraying hunting in a way that we can all be proud of. Focus Outdoors are forward thinkers who realize we must successfully defend hunting in the long-term from an increasingly urban and anti-use society –  these guys get it.

Rob Olson


Delta Waterfowl Foundation


Focus Outdoors offers viewers unique and educational insights into the outdoor world via their emphasis on conservation efforts, the organizations that have been formed to benefit wildlife and highlighting management programs that enhance our natural resources. 

Tom Mohrhauser


Quail Unlimited Magazine



    I just wanted to drop you this note in appreciation of you, Tom and your production crew’s professionalism, thoroughness and work ethic as it relates to the video productions on which we have worked. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your staff. In fact, while as a professional wildlife biologist for over 30 years I have on numerous occasions had the opportunity to work with TV or video production crews. There have been few, if any, that I have enjoyed working with more than you.
    If at any time in the future I can be of assistance to you again please do not hesitate to call upon me.
Thank you for a most enjoyable experience!

Good hunting!

Roger Wells

National Habitat Coordinator

Quail Unlimited, Inc.


Some shows you hear a lot of whispering, Focus Outdoors speaks loudly for the conservation groups and the sportsman of today. What they say and believe go along with the mission of the Ruffed Grouse Society.

Mark Fouts

Regional Director

The Ruffed Grouse Society


The Ruffed Grouse Society is honored to have been chosen as one of the series of outdoors shows Focus Outdoors will be airing this season.  The “hands-on” approach to demonstrating what is meaningful in proper habitat, and what it takes to provide habitat is critical to assuring its abundant supply and the health of the forest.  The Society applauds Focus Outdoors desire to promote responsible photo-journalism.

Robert Patterson

Executive Director

The Ruffed Grouse Society


Pheasants Forever appreciates Focus Outdoors’ coverage of important conservation issues effecting the future of our outdoor and hunting heritage.  We are also appreciative of the highlighted focus on conservation organizations, like Pheasants Forever, that are working hard every day to make a difference for wildlife. 

Joe Duggan

Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Relations

Pheasants Forever


Focus Outdoors gets it. Conservation is the key to the future of our outdoor and hunting heritage. Focus Outdoors has the exciting elements of the hunt, while incorporating the educational aspects of conservation and hunter ethics.  This combination creates a well-rounded program that illustrates how the efforts of organizations like Pheasants Forever are benefiting soil, water, air, wildlife, landowners, and the hunting public.

Bob St.Pierre

Pheasants Forever’s Manager of Public Relations


Just a short note to thank you and the first rate crew from Focus Outdoors for an absolutely splendid hunting and filming experience last week. The professionalism of the entire team and the quality of the subsequent results made this a truly memorable experience.

I and my colleagues at Delta Waterfowl appreciate the opportunity that you accorded me to discuss the twin messages of waterfowl conservation and the absolute necessity to protect our waterfowl hunting heritage. Outdoor productions such as Focus Outdoors are crucial in the dissemination of these important messages to a wide audience of hunters and non-hunters.

Thanks again for the great experience and I look forward to working with you again.

Robert D. Sopuck

Vice-President Policy

Western Canada

Delta Waterfowl Foundation


Just a note to say ‘thank you’ for your good work and for the very professional and enjoyable experience of hunting together with you and your crew as we taped some fine upland bird hunting in Nebraska. This was a new experience for me, and the efficient and relaxed manner in which you handled this made it all the more pleasant.

You have a great crew, we saw some terrific dogs working in an altogether great place. I know the conservation message will be carried effectively in the context of such a great hunt with fast friends. Looking forward to the next chance to spend time together in the field!

Jim Mosher

Executive Director

North American Grouse Partnership


 Jim, I saw you on Focus Outdoors last night, hunting sharp-tails in NE earlier this fall. It was well done and I appreciated your comments about energy development and wildlife. Good work, and have a great New Years.

 Bill Wichers

Deputy Director of theWyomingGame and Fish Department