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Up Your Odds! with OI/OI’s year-round fish attractant spray. Try using Magnet the next time you go fishing, you will be amazed at the results! Comes in an 8 oz. bottle with trigger spray. Whether Ice-fishing, Saltwater fishing, Freshwater fishing, Crabbing, Line Waxing, Gator Hunting, Trapping, or Bear Hunting, this product is nothing short of AMAZING!!! This multi-purpose attractant just begins to tap the imagination as far as uses goes. Three to One hits on fishing baits.Catch LARGER fish. The name truly says it all.





Duck Butt-Er! Camo Cream

Black, brown and green 3 color combo pack. You won’t find camo paint like this anywhere but here.  Duck Butt-Er! is specially made to wipe off just as smoothly as it wipes on. No more scrubbing you skin raw at the end of the day.  Just wipe off Duck Butt-Er! with a soft cloth or towel, no scrubbing required.

Duck Butt-Er!








Rack Grip

Get a tight grip on your rack. An OI/OI exclusive. The first of it’s kind unique to OI/OI only. Rack Grip “Get A Tight Grip On Your Rack”. This new piece of equipment is sure to revolutionize the way the industry perceives antler rattling. First is the fact that it aids in the removal of your hands from being all jarred up in your sequence during rattling. Second, and by far most obvious is the fact that getting your hands off the antler while rattling increases the frequency. Making your sequence sound louder, and heavier. Watch the instant action increase as the volume carries further than it ever has before. They cannot resist. “These deer antler handle bar grips help you get a handle on your rattle”. (Antlers not included)
Rak Grip






Scrape This!

Mask your presence in the field with cover scents from OI/OI. Scrape This! Scent sticks are great for adding that scent in your area, or to freshen your Scrape This! Shake-N-Scrape mock deer scrapes up with a solid form to linger a little longer. When used in tandem with the rest of the Scrape This! line of products this combo is extremely effective. It’ll bring the big boys in, and increase deer traffic in your area.
Scrape This

2.5 ounce Cover Scent Stick $5.99 

8 ounce Liquid Cover Scent Spray $6.99 


16 ounce Mock Deer Scrape $7.99 



Buck Bar

An OI/OI exclusive. A year-round attractant for the deer, the Buck Bar remains pliable even in freezing weather. Just place the Buck Bar in and around your hunting area and the deer will come. Check your state and local game laws before using baits and attractants. Designed specifically for late winter deer hunting the BuckBar is unsurpassed by any other product this time of year where it shines the most working extremely well. With it’s strong aroma, and non-invasive appearance the BuckBar will not freeze. They can walk right up to it, and chew it no matter how cold. The BuckBar not only is effective in winter. It is great as a year round attractant as well. Works for other game too. Bear, Hogs, Trapping, Turkey, and so on. Never forgetting the deer LOVE it.

Buck Bar