About Us

We believe outdoor television can be entertaining, informative, and eductional.

We do this by being connected to conservation groups who make a difference by creating habitat, by doing research and by working to preserve our hunting and fishing heritage.

These groups are the “caretakers” of our future and need to be supported.

We currently have a relationship with:

Delta Waterfowl                                  Ruffed Grouse Society

Pheasants Forever                             Quail Forever

North American Grouse Partnership

We have successfully produced programs that accomplish our mission.


MGK Productions Inc. dba Focus Outdoors established 2001

Recognition and Awards

2002 Telly Award                    Winner: Best Commerical for Small Production Company


2003 Outdoor Channel           Finalist: Most Informative Episode
                                                Finalist: Best Wingshooting Episode


2004 Sportsman Channel      Winner: Most Informative/ Educational Episode
                                                Finalist: Best Waterfowl/UplandEpisode